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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Oct 22, 2021

Welcome back to another fun conversation with someone from my past. Thal Dixon is a good friend of mine from our High School days. Thal is sitting down with us to have a conversation about his interesting and entertaining Grandpa Penrod.

Thal discusses how no matter where his family moved, his Grandpa and Grandma were a constant in his life. We even hear about how Thal was going to school in Idaho, and he had his own room at his grandparent's house. Thal also talks about his closeness with his grandfather and how his grandfather allowed Thal to grow and develop into the man he is today.

We discuss Thal's passion for poetry and writing children's books as we wrap up our conversation. Thal shares how he was inspired as a young student in Hawaii by a classroom visitor who shared his poetry with Thal's class. Today, Thal is going into classrooms to share his art and passion for writing.

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