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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

May 22, 2020

In this episode, I talk with my good buddy Lee Johnson about the impact and memories he has of his Papa. We dive deep into the ways that papa influenced Lee from great storytelling to the sharing of hobbies and interests. Papa had a huge impact on Lee. As a result, Lee honors him with his interest in living history as a...

May 12, 2020

In this fantastic episode, I get to catch up with my good friend Jon Hosler. Jon provides great insight into living close by to the grandchildren. Jon also discusses helping grandchildren adjust to coming back home after spending time with a separated parent in another physical location.

May 2, 2020

In this episode, I introduce myself and the purpose of this podcast and project. I share my reaction to hearing the news I was going to be a grandpa for the first time and also share a powerful memory that I have of my grandfather.

May 2, 2020

This exciting conversation explores the positive impact of being a multi-generational mentor and adoptive grandpa. Jim and I discuss the impact that mentors can have on young men. We also talk about the positive impact multi-generational mentors can have with small children and foster kids. 

May 2, 2020

In this conversation, I talk with MikeHalpin about the impact of having grandparents living close to their grandchildren. We talk about the impact of having his wife's family close by to their children.  We explore being intentional with the time spent with the grandchildren and how having grandparents close by...