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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Sep 25, 2020

I am checking in with you in this episode. I discuss my recent visit with my new granddaughter and how my wife was in heaven by getting to hold and take care of a newborn. I go into some detail about conducting my annual review with my 2 yr. old grandson. (We still have some things to work on before his 3 yr. review)

You and I sit down and you let me share some fond memories of my cool grandpa and what he meant to me and my family.

I was able to make two new friends in the podcasting universe who have been supportive and just great all-around guys. 

I met Dean Showalter through Dan Miller's 48 Days community. Dean has a fun podcast about owning and working on small piston aircraft. You can find Dean's podcast here:

I met Steve Owens by just reaching out to him after I heard his interview on Vinnie Tortorich's podcast about health and nutrition.  Steve has an awesome podcast called Fascination Street. Steve's podcast centers on drawing out each guest's powerful and interesting personal story.  Some guests you will know by name and others are totally fantastic people that you will meet for the first time. Steve's podcast can be found here: