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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Mar 17, 2023

Richard, Rick, Capriola joins us again for an updated conversation about youth and substance abuse. Rick presents updated findings from the University of Michigan's Monitoring the Future study on teen substance use. The study's findings over the last three years show a decrease in substance use due to the...

Mar 10, 2023

Aaron Larsen is back to talk to us about Grandparents Academy. Aaron and I jump in and talk about how and why Aaron started Grandparents Academy. In our conversation, we discuss the importance to grandparents and families to continue learning from other grandparents and experts.

We also discuss how Aaron created...

Mar 3, 2023

I am pleased to have Richard 'Dick' Olson back on The Cool Grandpa Podcast. Dick and I sit down to discuss ways, specifically grandfathers and grandparents in general, can share their values and faith with their grandchildren.

While we take a Christian-centric approach to this topic, the information, guidance, and...