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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Dec 4, 2020

In this episode, Vinnie Tortorich shares his memories of his strong and loving Italian grandfathers. Vinnie and I dive into how his family immigrated to Louisiana from Italy. What his great-grandfathers and grandfathers did for a living in the bayous of Louisiana and how in just one generation the family moved from sharecroppers and immigrant fishermen into the middle class.

Vinnie talks about how one of his grandfathers used to work as a janitor doing the work of three men and then on the weekends deliver bulk mud to the oil and natural gas wells in the area. 

Through all the hard work and sacrifice Vinnie's grandfathers experienced his biggest memory is the love they had for their family and grandchildren. 

Vinnie's great-grandfathers and grandfathers' example has helped to form a drive and work ethic that has lead Vinnie to start and own three different companies, create two documentaries, and share his passion for living a healthy life with millions of other people.