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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

May 17, 2024

With close to four million check-in calls, Iamfine is a passionate company that ensures that seniors and other people living alone are safe and accounted for. Paul Hammond, the founder, and his brother started this business to have an automated check-in for his mother and her friends.

Paul joins our conversation to discuss the background and driving force that led him and his brother to create a fantastic way to check on people choosing to live alone but at greater risk of medical or physical challenges. Paul talks about how this service comforts what he calls a person's care circle. How this service works is that a person receives a daily call and presses "1" on their phone to confirm they are well. When a person does not respond, a message is sent to that person's care circle, inviting them to call or text that person to ensure they are okay.

Part of this service's benefit is that it also provides peace of mind to users who might have pets living with them and worry about what would happen to their pets if they were incapacitated. We also learned how care and assisted living facilities are adopting Iamfine's services to help check in on all of their residents without needing a physical check-in. You will enjoy learning about Paul's background and the Iamfine service offerings.


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