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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

May 10, 2024

Kevin Lyles joined us this week to discuss his experience becoming a retirement coach. We discussed the difference between financial planners and wealth managers and how each helps grandparents and seniors plan for their financial future. Kevin also helped us understand what a retirement coach does to help retirees plan and develop their purpose and goals in retirement.

As a retirement coach, Kevin works with his clients to define and create goals around the following: taking care of elderly parents, finding a purpose outside of their old profession, and determining what they want to do to enjoy retirement in terms of recreation. Of course, a big part of creating an enjoyable retirement is discussing what the grandparents want to do with their grandchildren. We also talk about making the right mindset and adjusting your retirement plan if you should find yourself needing to take care of and raise your grandchildren. Kevin's main area of expertise is helping his clients and others with their retirement mindset. He works with retirees to help them be optimistic about aging, retirement, and their relationship with their spouse. We talked about the importance of aligning the goals of both people in the relationship so that they can identify their differences and similarities.

You are going to enjoy this conversation with Kevin and learn a lot about how you can plan to rock your retirement. Once you have listened to this conversation, please like, share, and subscribe to the podcast.


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