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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Nov 6, 2020

"Oh, my aching back!"

I hate to admit it, but even before I was a grandpa, I had some back and neck issues. Mostly from sitting all day at my desk, I do have a few 'war' stories from my misspent youth that have contributed to my aches and pains. 

This episode is all about learning the value that chiropractic care can have on a person's quality of life. My guest is Dr. Jay Di Vagno, who has been my chiropractor since 2004. I met Dr. 'D' (as some folks call him) when my back was so stiff that I had trouble sitting, standing, and walking. After a few visits, he had me right as rain, and I have been seeing him ever since.

In our conversation, we discuss the big and little physical traumas that we all experience in life and how they can lead to our joints and muscles, not working as designed over time. By adding chiropractic care into a Cool Grandpa's routine, we can enjoy our years of chasing the grandkids around and being the healthy leaders that our families need.

Dr. D and I discuss how, along with chiropractic care, grandpas can stay healthy by adding low impact and low-stress activities to our daily lives. We both agree that it is important for Cool Grandpas to stay active as we grow older because that adage of "a rolling stone gathers no moss" applies even more to us as we age.

Click HERE to visit Dr. Di Vagno's Chiropractic Practice in Alpharetta, GA. 

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