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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Apr 26, 2024

In this episode, Parcsen, a grandfather from Singapore, talks about his experience and the role of grandfathers in the family and community. We talk about the issue of isolation and loneliness among the older population and the need for intergenerational connections.

Parcsen shares his journey of becoming a grandfather and his joy seeing his children progress. We also talk about special activities with grandchildren and the changing role of grandfathers in Singapore. Finally, we discuss Parcsen's experience with intergenerational reconciliation and the importance of healing old wounds.

Our conversation explores the importance of reconciling with one's father and understanding his story. It emphasizes the three Rs: Recognize, Reconciliation, and Reconnect. A father-son relationship can be restored by recognizing the man behind the father, developing empathy, and taking the initiative to reconcile. The benefits of reconciliation extend to future generations. The conversation also touches on the Better Man podcast and the importance of personal growth and development as a father.


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