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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Dec 15, 2023

Ted Page joins the conversation this week to discuss his work to define and capture what it means to be a "Good Grandpa." Since the last time we spoke, Ted has started a journey of writing a book that he hopes allows him to capture the different ways and attitudes of being a grandfather.

In his own words, Ted hopes " harvest and share the collective wisdom of grandpas all around the world in a wide range of countries and cultures, from Cherokee Native Americans in North Carolina, to Maine fisherman, to tribal elders in Kenya, to Captains of Industry in Connecticut." As part of this quest to gather and share the wisdom of many grandfathers, Ted will ask them to distill down their responses to answer the following question: "What is the #1 thing? The most essential and powerful wisdom you’ve learned that you want the next generation to know?"

During our conversation, you will learn the responses that Ted has gathered so far from Tom Brokaw and John Cleese. You may or may not be surprised, but everyone has a different "1 Thing." If you are already thinking about your answer to this question, reach out to Ted at and let him know your answer. Who knows, you might end up in his book.

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