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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Dec 1, 2023

Todd Howard joins our conversation to talk about the importance of men finding connections and friendship. Todd is a great guy from North Atlanta. You are going to find that Todd is as passionate as I am about supporting men in building and maintaining friendships as we grow older and take on more responsibilities in our lives.

What is excellent about Todd is that he wasn't content to see a problem and talk about it. No, he went out and created a solution. A solution that is not therapy (nothing wrong with going to and being active in therapy), not churchy (nothing wrong with spirituality or church), but a solution that is as easy as having a fire in the backyard or middle of the culdesac with guys that live right in your neighborhood.

We walk through the process that Todd has created that anyone can implement where they live. This is a simple process that will help you build a tighter community, create lasting friendships, AND make sure that YOU know that you are not alone on your journey through life.

Once you have listened to this fantastic conversation, please share it with three friends who would like to hear Todd's message about the importance of friendship and how to build closer relationships with those great people who live around us.


Click on this link to learn more about Todd and Firepit Men's Group: