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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Nov 17, 2023

Stephen Gomes joins us this week to talk about his grandfather's impact on him while growing up. We talk about how, between Stephen's father and grandfather, he had a well-rounded environment to grow up in. Stephen and I talked about how lucky he was to have a grandfather who would spend a day or half a week focused on him and what was happening in his world.

We had a fun discussion about Stephen's activities and how having a grandfather helped balance out his loving father's business pursuits that often went over into the weekend. As Stephen grew older, he could use his 1967 Camero, which his father helped him to restore, to travel to his grandfather's house for a visit.

Stephen shares with us the wisdom that he was able to gather from his grandfather about life and relationships that were shared with him as Stephen was entering high school. Stephen also shares with us about what an incredible grandfather his dad became as Stephen had children.

I was lucky to have Stephen previously on the show, where we talked about Flex Mortgages and some financing options available to seniors. I have provided the link to that show in the links below.

Once you have listened to this conversation, please share it with three friends or family members who would enjoy hearing these fun memories and lessons of a fantastic grandfather.


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