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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Jan 20, 2023

Four in ten grandparents are still working, managing a career, and often as busy as they were before the grandchildren arrived. Dr. Kerry Byrne from The Long Distance Grandparent joins the conversation today to help remind all of us that our work and day-to-day lives can make fantastic connection points for our grandchildren.

Sometimes we don't think of our lives, especially our work lives, as remarkable or something someone else would be curious about. But we are wrong. Most of us do exciting work, and while the 'newness' of your work may have worn off for you, your grandchild might find it extremely interesting. Many of us interact with interesting people and see unique situations that even many of our friends don't get to see or experience.

Grandparents still in the workforce can be creative when sharing with their grandchildren about their workplaces, the people they work with, and the type of work they do. Also, taking an hour a week to plan how you will connect with your grandchild can go a long way toward being connected and sharing your experiences with them.

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