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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Jan 13, 2023

Vince joins us for a great conversation where we get to know him as a grandfather, inventor, and entrepreneur. We talk about Vince's experience with becoming and being a grandfather.

We pivot the conversation to talk about Vince's Popa. As you'll find out, Popa was cut from a different cloth and was a character until the end. The carrying of Poppa led to Vince becoming inspired to invent the Perichair.

The Perichair is a direct result of in-home 24x7 elderly care. Vince was driven to create a safer and more convenient. According to Vince, the PeriChair is a bedside commode, transfer bench, shower seat, and raised toilet seat. The unique design never needs to be lifted, reducing anxiety for the individual and their caretaker. 

If you are an at-home caregiver or know someone who is, I recommend you check out the PeriChair. I know Vince is ready to take orders and answer your questions about the chair.

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