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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Dec 2, 2022

DeeDee Moore from More Than Grand stops by to have an engaging conversation about why we resist suggested resources that can strengthen relationships and help us enjoy our role as grandparents. We get into a really good discussion about what makes us initially say 'No' to resources about grandparenting or parenting when we are often open to having friends and family share resources about our hobbies or projects that we are working on.

This is a fun, informal conversation centered around a topic that can sometimes be puzzling. DeeDee and I have some thoughts about why people will resist having books or resources suggested to them that can help them enhance their relationships with their adult children AND grandchildren.

Towards the end of the conversation, DeeDee shares some of the resources she has carefully put together that parents and grandparents can use to maintain and develop their relationships to deeper levels of love and trust. Plus, DeeDee has created high-value resources that help plan activities such as Holiday get-togethers at a practical level reducing the stress and anxiety that sometimes accompanies family gatherings.


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