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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Sep 23, 2022

Manny Oliverez is on a mission to be THE FAVORITE GRAMPY. Manny is someone who didn't grow up with his grandfathers setting an example about what a grandpa should or shouldn't do. This left Manny with a clean slate to create the types of relationships he wanted with his grandchildren.

We discuss Manny's reaction to hearing the news that he would become a grandfather for the first time. Hearing that news started exploring what it would take to become a grandchild's favorite grampy. Manny shares with us how for him, being a favorite grampy is a combination of creativity, opening yourself up to acting like a kid, and sometimes setting the rules aside.

Another big part of being a favorite grampy is to create opportunities for adventures. Adventures can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Manny shares with us an adventure he and his grandchildren took in the backyard where they encountered deer that an oger had frozen and the dark spooky path that would take them to the brink of danger. Other adventures come in the form of trips to Disney, Universal, and other theme parks.

This pursuit of family-friendly, skip-generational adventures has led Manny's daughter to start Favorite Grampy Travels. The focus of Favorite Grampy Travels is to help other families create these magical, once-in-a-lifetime memories with all members of the family. Check out the links below to Favorite Grampy Travels and see if they can help you schedule your next adventure with the family.

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