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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

May 27, 2022

The conversation is with the founder of Babooky, Nathan Andersen, aka Anders Roseberg. In this conversation, we jump into Nathan's varied and exciting background. Nathan is self-taught when creating children's books and other writing genres.

We discuss the different options for publishing books, from the print-on-demand model (Amazon model) to traditional publishing. Nathan goes into detail about the pros and cons of each publishing method.

I asked Nathan to detail his company's service offerings and how people can engage with him and his team. It is incredible how many options are available to those who have a story or book within us to get that story out into the digital and/or physical world.

If you have a children's book, novella, poetry collection, short story, or novel, I challenge you to finish your first draft and then start editing and finding the best publishing option that fits your needs. There is a path forward for you, with many options available to aspiring authors.

If you have more questions about publishing, options, and services, please get in touch with Nathan. I know from experience that he will give you great advice regardless of whether you move forward with using his outstanding services at Babooky or not.

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To visit Babooky, you can use this link:

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Here is a great email address to reach out directly to Nathan: