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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Sep 3, 2021

Kerry Byrne, Ph.D., joins us for our conversation today. Kerry has studied aging and care for 25 years. She is the Founder of The Long Distance Grandparent, a mission-driven business helping grandparents build strong bonds with their grandchildren from a distance.

As a mom to 2, with grandparents living at a distance, she believes children need their grandparents, now more than ever – no matter the distance between.

We have a blast discussing the idea that in today's world, moms and dads are not meant to parent alone, and hats off to those who have to. This world is more complicated and travels faster, making protecting, educating, and loving the little ones more of a challenge.

Kerry and I talk about her time in Dubai and Houston, TX, and how it inspired her to interview other long-distance grandparents to figure out how they stayed in touch with their grandchildren. During our conversation, we talk about the 5 P's of Kerry's Grand Path; those P's are:

Plan - Ensuring we are mindful and intentional about grandparenting.

Partner - Nurturing partnerships with parents, cousins, and others.

Prepare - Preparing for moments shared to make the best of every interaction.

Play - Playing and being playful about our connections.

Preserve - Capturing the moments we share with our grandchildren.

Regardless if you are a Long-Distance Grandparent or not, I strongly encourage you to check out Kerry's blog, website, and Long Distance Grandparent Society. These sources contain great ideas about activities and tools that you can use to strengthen your relationships.


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