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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Apr 7, 2023

Ryan Nothhaft joins us to discuss his grandfather, Roy "Butch" Voris. We talk about Butch's life, growing up in Northern California and developing an interest in flying before the outbreak of WW II. We find out that Butch worked as a mortician before starting his pilot training.

We also find out that Ryan and his grandfather were not both stellar students in high school, but the post-high school, they both "flipped a switch" and were able to focus and excel after leaving high school. Ryan shares some touching stories of spending lots of time with his grandfather while Ryan was growing up in Northern California, including morning bed inspections that his grandfather conducted when Ryan and his siblings would spend the night.

Butch took Ryan to his first air show, where Ryan was able to meet members of the world-famous Blue Angels. In our conversation, Ryan shares how his grandfather was selected to start the Navy's air demonstration unit, the Blue Angels.

You will enjoy this heartfelt conversation about the impact that Butch had on Ryan and his siblings. As part of the impact that Butch had on Ryan, Ryan started to document the Blue Angels on his YouTube channel 'Blue Angel Phantoms,' which started as a documentary on the Blue Angels 1971 team but is now documenting the Blue Angels as a whole. The result of Butch's impact on Ryan and Ryan's work is that Ryan was made an honorary member of the Blue Angels.

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Here is a picture of the first group of Blue Angels with Ryan's grandfather, Butch Voris.

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Here is the link to the updated Dreams video featuring the F-18:

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