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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Mar 17, 2023

Richard, Rick, Capriola joins us again for an updated conversation about youth and substance abuse. Rick presents updated findings from the University of Michigan's Monitoring the Future study on teen substance use. The study's findings over the last three years show a decrease in substance use due to the COVID shutdown, followed by a rebound as schools and society opened back up.

In our conversation, we discussed how alcohol and marijuana continue to be the substances most consumed by middle and high school students. We also discuss social media, gambling, and other drugs and their impact on youth.

The important takeaway from this conversation is that youth continue to respond positively to discussions about substances when adults use current science and brain development as part of the discussion. I highly recommend Rick's book, The Addicted Child, as a source of information about substance abuse and how to talk to your grandchildren and children about this important issue.

A summary of the findings is in the table below.

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