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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Nov 24, 2022

This week's conversation is about how we, as Grandfathers, can help our grandchildren develop a spirit of gratitude. This is a short conversation (since it is Thanksgiving weekend), but if there is a good nugget here. I think you can use it with your family and grandchildren.

I borrowed much of this information from a fantastic talk my wife, Karen, gave at our church. I figured that she had some good stuff, so why change it?

Teaching grandchildren to have a spirit of gratitude creates a firebreak in the lives of those who adopt that spirit. A firebreak is a physical barrier created to prevent fire from spreading.

Gratitude can create a barrier against the spread of negative thoughts and emotions. Gratitude doesn't prevent negativity from coming into our lives but can prevent negativity from running wild.

Here are three things you can do to help grandchildren develop a spirit of gratitude:

  1. When they are young, ask them what made them happy today.
  2. Ask them what they are thankful for that day when they are older.
  3. When they hit the early to mid-teenage years, you can start to ask them what they are grateful for.

These questions are based on the grandchild's development and what they can relate to as the concepts become more abstract. Below is a great graphic on the positive side effects of developing a grateful mindset.

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Here is the link to the Ben Rector song, The Thanksgiving Song

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