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The Cool Grandpa Podcast

Oct 26, 2022

Susan Raisch joins our conversation today about bullying and how grandparents can be a resource in identifying and resolving children dealing with bullying. We discuss the difference between what is just a bad interaction and what experiences are actual bullying encounters.

Susan explains that there are three main points to bullying vs. a bad interaction with another youth or adult. Those three main points are:

  1. Is the interaction intentional?
  2. Is the exchange repeated?
  3. Does the interaction create an imbalance of power?

We discuss how grandparents can be an important resource in identifying when a grandchild is being bullied by communicating with the grandchild and being the trusted adult that the grandchild needs in their life. More than half of all children involved with bullying do not tell an adult about the challenge they are facing. Susan talks about how listening is the most effective action that grandparents can do when identifying and dealing with children being bullied.

You will want to listen to this critical conversation several times to digest all the great information Susan shares about bullying.

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